Ampersand Cookie Cutter


Large: 4.5″ tall / 3.53″ wide

Regular: 3.5” tall / 2.75” wide

Small: 3” tall / 2.25” wide

Mini: 2” tall / 1.7” wide

  • Starting from $7.00

The ampersand is a statement in "&" of itself. A beautiful symbol amongst typographers, this ampersand cookie cutter is available in two sizes: Regular and Small. This ampersand was unique designed to have a thick middle section with no other sections extruding too far away from the main cookie. This was to best ensure a lesser chance a break would happen if this cookie were to be shipped.

NOTE: Just a warning. The LARGE size ampersand cutter is very large. The cookies shown in the preview images are the REGULAR size.

The tutorial and free template for this design can be found below.

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